Sunday, August 5, 2012

Click III

This is always one of my most favorite kind of post to do! A "Click" post. (See Click IClick IIClick II continued for others.) This is the time when we upload all the photos from our phones onto the computer. The following photos were all taken in 2011 from about mid summer leading up to Christmas.
The Woodland Park Zoo had a dinosaur exhibit last year that William and Andrew were very excited about. We decided to check it out, I thought it was all very underwhelming, but these two sure had a blast. Their favorite part was the velociraptor that would "spit" on you as you walked past.
 2 cute kids with 2 cute haircuts
William and I attend a Nature School every Monday. Natalie must have not had school this particular Monday because she joined us at the Ballard Locks for a fun lesson about fish. Afterwards the kids got to make their own fish out of paper plates and pipe cleaners. I think the pipe cleaners were supposed to give the fish a decorative flare, Natalie decided they should be used to make her fish look like it was throwing up. Nice.
 Some how Natalie and I convinced Will to play "Pretty Pretty Princess" with us one afternoon. He ended up winning and becoming the prettiest princess of all! I'm sure he'll love these photos when he's 16.
 I think these were taken at the Brandi Carlile concert last year at Zoo Tunes. Every year The Woodland Park Zoo hosts family friendly concerts, we attended this show with the kids and their mom, it was a beautiful night and a great show. 
 Here I am with a gigantic radish that I harvested out of my little garden plot. 
Funny story about radishes... you know how when you buy radishes in the grocery store you get a big bunch of them? Well I thought they grew like that, yeah, in bunches. So I planted 5 seeds, only to realize come harvest time I would only get 5 radishes. Good thing I got a big one, right?
 Some more photos of all that I managed to squeeze out of my plot last year.
Last year during Seafair I made it my personal mission to get Natalie and William comfortable and excited to watch the Blue Angels zipping over Seattle. I know they're loud but they're also awesome and I knew they would have a good time if they just gave it a shot. Above is a picture of them sporting their noise cancelling headsets hamming it up for the camera. 
Here are the Blue Angels flying over Seward Park.
 Finally here are Natalie and William happily playing in the sand (sans headsets) while the jets zoomed above. Success! (They thought they were awesome!)
 Ben and I checked out a new (for us) restaurant in Madison Park last summer called Cactus. We mentioned it was our first time at the restaurant and they surprised us with a free dessert! Three cheers for Cactus and free dessert! 
 William's red bell pepper "bra", or as he would say it "bwa". 
This kid cracks me up on a daily basis.
 Ben and Will enjoying some chocolate milk.
Our first Sounders game! It rained, but we had a good time anyway!
 William took a dinosaur class last year at the community center... we had a great time making dinosaur related crafts.
 Vinegar and Baking Soda Volcano!!! Every kid's favorite project!
 Can't make it through Halloween without some Count Chocula cereal! A bowl of sugary fun!
 William's first Jello Jigglers. My mom used to make these for our birthday treats in elementary school, they're just as good 20 years later.
 Harry Potter... or... Chicken Little?
 Once again this little guy always gets a laugh, wherever he goes. 
Alright I think that officially wraps us up for 2011!! 
Onto 2012... only 8 more months of memories and I'm all caught up!

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